Travel Grants
Government & Private

Women in Probability

Funding Opportunities

Local Funding

Many universities have smaller internal grants or awards for which you could be eligible and should apply. Look into these opportunities, and, if you have to be nominated for them, don't be afraid to ask someone to nominate you. Over 100 colleges and universities also have NSF ADVANCE grants through which they can offer funding to women in STEM at their university.

Especially if you are a junior researcher (graduate student or postdoc), there is often travel money available to you through your department. Ask your advisor (thesis or postdoc) what funds are available, and what the parameters are (e.g., do you have to give a talk?).

Travel Grants

There is a variety of funding available to support travel to conferences and for collaboration or mentoring opportunities. These sources include the usual professional organizations, as well as some private corporations.

Government & Private Research Grants

There are several standard government agencies that offer annual competitions for funding. You should apply for these! Ask other colleagues in your field or at your institution if they are willing to share their successful proposals with you. Get several example proposals, and then put together the proposal that you think gives the most coherent story of you as a researcher and your research program.

Mathematics Research Institutes

There are six institutes in the US which are supported by the NSF. The NSF also gives some additional funds to four institutions outside the US, but there are many more. Most of these institutions have independent application processes for you to request funding to participate in one of their workshops or programs. See their individual websites about their application process.

Foreign Resources

There are several foreign professional organizations that will support travel for scientists with existing collaborations, or developing collaborations, with scientists in their own country.